Thursday, March 16, 2006

Over What Hill? It's more like Mt. St. Helen's !

Today I reached the pinnacle, that phase in the cycle of man - you know that picture that shows a baby crawling, then toddling, then standing on both legs, then hunched over and then crawling again- which made me feel like I'd arrived at that spot where the hunch begins. Perhaps it began a long time ago actually because CFS sure makes one feel like they're ninety even though you might still only be in your twenties. Old age. Yikes!

Why today? you ask. Well, I'll tell you. Today marked the day when I can no longer smile nor can i thhh anymore. You see I lost the last of my two front teeth. Where's Santa when you need him? My uppers are just about gone. Makes for one strange looking smile, warps the dimensions and shape of my face and makes me feel like a poster child for National Geographics. No longer shall I pose for any family picture, at least not when bearing a smile.

Obviously I've been dealing with the disintegration of teeth for some time now. Sadly I'm not alone. My 33 yr old son, JB who got CFS/FM when he was fifteen now has falsies. He only beat me to the punch because of insurance. Unfortunately teeth are not considered a necessity by medical types such as insurance companies including those here in Canada.

This subject of bad teeth has been something I've heard and read about on CFS lists for some years now so I guess it must be quite common place. I can't say I've heard much on MCS lists though it sure wouldn't surprise me if it weren't so for people with MCS too. (ps be ready for abbreviations. Seems we pwc's (people with cfs) tend to use them a lot.) Saves on the fingers and ya, typing does take precious energy. Thus pwmcs now means people with MCS and so on). Back back to teeth... I recall as a young gal we'd look at the horses teeth to judge not only their age but also there health. So there you have it. I'm an old unhealthy nag. What more can I say?? :-p

My poor self image hasn't been helped much by dear Prunilla Fussbucket here (my teenage daughter. You'll get to know the whole cast before long.) Miss Prunilla has been making comments as of late about how I should keep my mouth shut when her friends are around. That's because they've been teasing her about her old mom with no teeth. I feel for the girl, really I do. But I feel more for me. Some days I feel like the old woman in the shoe. Don't have that many kids around anymore but the tongue of that old shoe sure is worse for wear. CFS/MCS has brought me weight loss, to the point of crudely being asked if I was anorexic, to weight gain when I was reassured by hubby dear that I wasn't "that fat" beings that I could still fit through the doorway! and back again. I haven't gone gray but I've gone dark, something equally depressing for a natural blonde. What muscles? I have sags! Nothing is were it used to be nor shaped like it used to be. God bless my 10th grade P.E. teacher who informed us that behind every curve there is a muscle. Well fine. But someone should tell her that sometimes behind those curves there is nothing but flab.

Quite some time ago I found a simple way of dealing with all these ego blows compliments of these invisible illnesses. (too bad the illness isn't as obvious as the effects!). You hang a nice lacy cloth over the mirror. If that doesn't suite your fancy then just use your little printer and the net, snag a pix of your favorite femme fatal, print it off real big and tape that on your mirror. Of course it helps if you have a lot of imagination when you're trying to blow dry your hair but...

Yes, these DD's (dumb diseases) sure take a tole on your ego in many ways. Stay tune to the blog and you're sure to hear more of those ways...

What can I tell ya? These DD's ain't for sissies. Ya gotta have a lot of hutzbah and a self image that relies more on an eccentric imagination than reflections.

Toothless Zona


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