Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Who me, A blogger?? aka Insanity sometimes strikes twice in the same place

So why would a lady like me take up blogging? I'm no one in particular, not a celebraty, not even the unknown comic so why set up a blog? Well... I'll tell ya (ya I knew you'd wanna know!).. In all the years I've been on the net and belonged to e-lists and chat groups I've found myself retelling tales a hundred times and my fingers are tuckered from all the tellin'. Having a blog will let me type once and then just post the site, don't ya think? LOL

But there are other ulterior motives too... I have CFS, FM and MCS, which is the main subject of this site. I've noticed that on e-lists and chats those of us who have these terrible "invisible illnesses" have shared info, encouraged one another, compared notes - to a point- but even there it's very difficult to get a full picture of just what it's like to deal with these illnesses daily. I've always wished I had a window (or a very talkative friend!) who would let me catch a glimpse of their reality, see what it's like for them day to day to live with these illnesses... Come to see if I'm all alone or not. And since I've really not found a guinea pig quite willing to bear all to me like that I figured, ok, others are probably wondering just like I do soooo... ok... I'll be the guinea pig.

So here I sit typing out this intro for you all (wake up! not time to doze off yet i'm not done!) so you'll know what to expect in days ahead here----

Perhaps I should warn you though...? I tend to get passionate about some topics and have a tendency to talk about those topics, sometimes a LOT! So here you may well find my comments and opinions, observations and yes, sometimes moments of sanity when I share what I think about anything and everything from politics and disability related things to what it's like living on pennies, the affects on children growing up with sick parent/s ... who knows? You'll just have to drop back by and find out for yourself !

So there ya go. My very first blog! (gee I'm sort of proud of myself! I typed this without previewing or taking a nap! ---ok so you noticed that ;-p. Well hey, I have CFS /FM and mcs... I'm tired!)



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